Route rating and level of difficulty

The level of difficulty of each of our routes is rated from 1 to 6. These ratings take into account the terrain and the daily distances travelled. The proposed ratings and distances, established according to the basic route, serve as a guide only. Weather conditions (sun, rain, wind direction, temperature and altitude can also affect the amount of excursion required on a given day. To select the route that is right for you, contact one of our travel consultants.
1 s Easy and flat route; presents few difficulties; from 30 to 60 km.
2 s Relatively easy route; includes some gentle slopes; from 40 to 70 km.
3 s Route of average difficulty; rolling, occasionally hilly terrain; from 50 to 80 km.
4 s Relatively difficult route; rolling and hilly, with slopes that are quite steep; from 50 to 90 km.
5 s Difficult route; repeatedly requires a significant amount of effort; from 60 to 110 km.
6 s Very difficult route: requires constant effort, repeated climbs (passes) as well as advanced training; from 70 to 165 km.

The proposed levels of difficulty and distances are provided as references only.