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Amenez un amiOn the Grand Tour,
10 is a winning hand!**

Interested in taking part in the Grand Tour package as a group? Register 10 people for the 7-day Under the stars package and the eleventh person rides for free! And the offer is cumulative: so if you register 20 people, two participants pay no fees, and so on...
This offer ends on May 31, 2022.

Conditions for registering a group

  • Delegate a representative and choose a group name
  • Contact a Vélo Québec Voyages travel advisor to submit the name of the representative and the name of the group under which each participant will register.
  • Form a group of 10 people who will reserve a 7-day package in the 2022 Grand Tour. This offer is open to all customers who pay the $955 (through April 29) or $995 (from April 29 to May 31) Under the Stars registration fee for the 2022 Grand Tour, which will be held from August 6 to 12. Customers who register for the Under the Covers package as a cycling escort, volunteer or employee in the 2022 Grand Tour are not eligible for this offer. 

Important note: For any questions regarding the group, Vélo Québec Voyages will deal solely with the representative. The latter is the only person to whom the the list of participants will be disclosed and who will then be able to make changes to this list and follow them up with the participants concerned. This procedure will help us be more efficient. Thank you for your understanding.
Conditions for registering each group participant

  • Once the group representative has contacted a travel advisor, each participant must register individually, either by telephone, specifying the group name, or on the transactional website, indicating it in the section “Name of group En gang on y gagne” (10 is a winning hand). 

Conditions for the offer “On the Grand Tour, 10 is a winning hand!” 

  • This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer, particularly “Bring a Friend.
  • The offer ends on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Each of your participants must be registered before that date.
  • The offer is cumulative: if you register 20 people, you can add a 21st and 22nd participant to your group free of charge; and so on. 
  • After July 11, 2022, a Vélo Québec Voyages travel adviser will contact the group representative to validate the list of participants. At this time, the adviser will officially register the member(s) of your group who will participate free of charge, based on the number of participants.
**Conditions of “On the Grand Tour, 10 is a winning hand!” offer »»

Amenez un ami

Bring a friend
and get up to $150 discount*

You’ve travelled with Vélo Québec Voyages before and want to introduce a friend to the joys of bicycle tourism? Your initiative could earn you up to $150 discount on a trip you book with us.
Conditions of the “Bring a Friend” offer

This offer is open to all Vélo Québec Voyages customers.

For you to be eligible for this offer, your friend must, on the one hand, be travelling with Vélo Québec Voyages for the first time and, on the other, purchase an individual bike package priced at $800* or more from among the Vélo Québec Voyages schedule of trips for 2022 (excluding the Grand Tour and the Petite Aventure), based on availability. The departure date of your friend’s trip must precede December 31, 2022.

Once your friend’s trip has been reserved, you must contact a Vélo Québec Voyages travel advisor to submit your friend’s name and register for the offer. To be valid, your registration must be made before the departure of your friend’s trip.

The discount can be applied only to the purchase of a Vélo Québec Voyages package and comes into effect as of the departure date of your friend’s bicycle trip.

  • 100$ discount for the purchase of a package between $800 and $2000.
  • 150$ discount for the purchase of a package $2001 or more.

The discount is non-convertible into cash and non-transferable. It must be used to purchase a Vélo Québec Voyages package before December 31, 2022.

The “Bring a Friend” promotional offer is cumulative, meaning that there is no limit on the number of friends you can refer to us. In the case of multiple referrals, the conditions of the offer remain the same.

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.

*Conditions of the “Bring a Friend” offer »»  

Travel with BONUSDOLLARS® from Desjardins!

Take advantage of the BONUSDOLLARS Rewards Program1 available with your Desjardins credit card to travel where you want! Accommodation, transportation, destination and dates: you choose how to use your BONUSDOLLARS.

Visit desjardins.com/bonusdollars for details.

®BONUSDOLLARS is a registered trademark of Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.
1 Not available for Desjardins Classic cardholders.