The pleasure of choosing

Travel with Vélo Québec Voyages

Since 1995, our knowledge of cycling clienteles, our attractive route proposals and our organizational expertise have earned us an excellent reputation. This stems from the passion of about forty people — guides, travel advisors and logisticians — determined to make your cycling vacation as enjoyable as possible.

An invitation to discover the world by bike

Free as the air!
When you travel with us, you start your day when and how you want, cycle at your own pace and eat at your leisure. We handle everything else - reservations, baggage transportation, certain meal planning, mechanical assistance, route mapping, etc. —with special attention to details. In this way, you can focus on your vacation with complete peace of mind – free as the air.

Ride your own bike
We understand the special relationship you have with your bike. Perfectly adjusted to your height and preferences, it gives you the comfort you need to fully appreciate the pleasures of travelling. We know that your bike is like an old friend, which is why all of our packages involving airline flights and coach service include the transportation of your bicycle… your favourite travel companion!

Discover the most scenic routes
The routes proposed during your trip have been chosen based on the beauty of the landscapes, the number of tourist attractions, the amount of traffic and the safety of cyclists.

Every day, you are provided with a detailed route map including the towns and villages on the program, as well as GPX data for certain departures.

How to choose your vacation?

Whether you have several bike trips under your belt or are taking your very first, whether you are a seasoned cyclist or simply a biking enthusiast, we have vacations corresponding to your tastes, interests, budget and the degree of effort you wish to exert.

According to your desired experience
On a cycling trip in Tuscany, for example, you may want to satisfy your passion for architecture, or unleash your inner epicurean and discover the local wines, or simply savour kilometer after kilometer of breathtaking scenery. The choice is yours!

According to your agenda
Different lengths of stay are offered, whether your schedule allows for an invigorating weekend getaway, a two-week European jaunt, or a spontaneous En liberté departure.

According to your pace
The level of difficulty of each of our routes is rated from 1 to 6. These ratings take into account the terrain and the daily distances travelled. The proposed ratings and distances, established according to the basic route, serve as a guide only. Weather conditions (sun, rain, wind direction, temperature and altitude can also affect the amount of excursion required on a given day. To select the route that is right for you, contact one of our travel consultants.
1 s Easy and flat route; presents few difficulties; from 30 to 60 km.
2 s Relatively easy route; includes some gentle slopes; from 40 to 70 km.
3 s Route of average difficulty; rolling, occasionally hilly terrain; from 50 to 80 km.
4 s Relatively difficult route; rolling and hilly, with slopes that are quite steep; from 50 to 90 km.
5 s Difficult route; repeatedly requires a significant amount of effort; from 60 to 110 km.
6 s Very difficult route: requires constant effort, repeated climbs (passes) as well as advanced training; from 70 to 165 km. 

The proposed levels of difficulty and distances are provided as references only.