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Biking in good company guarantees you a great trip!

Prefer to travel with your own group – family, friends or colleagues? Want to carry out a project? Celebrate a birthday? Meet a sports challenge? Raise funds for a worthy cause? Organize a strategic retreat? Or simply discover a new destination?

Consider our Customized Group Formula to help you realize your dream of getting away in good company!

Opting for the Customized Group Formula means:

  • Forming a group of 8 people or more*
  • Establishing suitable travel dates
  • Choosing from more than 150 destinations developed by Vélo Québec Voyages over the years. For inspiration, check out our current schedule, as well as the many destinations already offered.

Travelling with your group according to our Vélo Québec Voyages formula: you will be accompanied by an experienced guide and, based on the destination, you will benefit from the standard inclusions, mainly passenger and bicycle air transportation, transfers, 3-star or 4-star accommodations, certain meals, baggage transportation, mechanical assistance and access to a relief vehicle, as well as daily route plans in the form of GPX data and paper maps. You can also travel with your group according to our En liberté formula

*The price of the trip developed according to our Customized Group Formula will be based on the number of cyclists. The greater the number of participants, the better the individual rate. Please note that the quote will be prepared according to the following group sizes: 8-10, 11-14, 15-18 or 19 and +

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