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Both Austria and the Czech Republic offer an omnipresent culture, a stunning natural setting and splendid architecture. Visit the Hluboká Chateau or the Melk Abbey, enjoy a slice of Apfelstrudel or Linzertorte during your coffee break, follow the meandering Blue Danube, while humming this Strauss waltz or the Sound of Music, sip a glass of Riesling or sample one of 470 Czech beers in a public square at cocktail hour: these are just a few of your daily pleasures! While the names of certain stopover towns – Zvíkovské Podhradí, Ceské Budejovice, Bad Leonfelden – may give some cyclists problems... the route linking Prague to Vienna will please everyone.

Available in customized package only
Trip length: 15 days / 14 nights
Level of difficulty: 3+
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From day to day

Short route: 446 km • Long route: 678 km

Day 1 - Arrival in Prague and transfer to Plzen (1 hr).
Day 2 - Free day or looped route via Štenovice, Prestice, Dobrany (53 km).
Day 3 - Plzen, Nezvestice, Spálené-Poricí, Rozmitál pod Tremsinem, Pribram (62 km).
Day 4 - Pribram, Milin, Orlik, Oslov, Pisek  (68 to 81 km).
Day 5 - Pisek, Tálin, Protivín, Driten, Château Hluboka, České Budějovice (52 to 80 km).
Day 6 - Free day or looped route via Lisov, Trebon, Ledenice (48 to 62 km).
Day 7 - České Budějovice, Kamenný Ujezd, Ceský Krumlov, Vyssi Brod, Bad Leonfelden (68 km).
Day 8 - Bad Leonfelden, Reichenau im Mühlkreis, Gallneukirchen, Linz (48 km).
Day 9 - Linz, Mauthausen, Mittelkrichen im Machland, Dornach, Amstetten (69 km).
Day 10 - Amstetten, Viehdorf, Persenbeug, Marbach an der Donau, Melk (44 to 78 km).
Day 11 - Free day or looped route via Ybbs, Saint-Leonard, Abbaye de Melk (6 to 42 km).
Day 12 - Melk, Aggsbach Markt, Spitz, Weißenkirchen d. Wachau, Dürnstein (35 km).
Day 13 - Transfer from Dürnstein to Vienna (1.5 hr) and free afternoon.
Day 14 - Transfer from Vienna to Prague (3.75 hrs) and free afternoon.
Day 15 - Transfer to Prague airport and flight back to Montréal.

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