Santiago de Compostela-Porto

A divine cycling experience

Your bike trip begins in Spain, in Santiago de Compostela, famous for its religious heritage and pilgrimages, as well as its landmark cathedral and splendid Portico of Glory. You will then pedal to Pontevedra, a model pedestrian city, where everything is within walking distance and conducive to pleasant strolls along the shores of the Lérez River or the Island of Sculptures. Once in Portugal, Viana do Castelo rewards your efforts with the spectacular panorama unfolding from the Basilica of Santa Luzia. You will then pedal to Porto to sample a wide array of savoury ports – ruby, tawny, white or rosé, not to mention Portugal’s famous vinho verde. Add to this exhilarating cycling, refreshing sea air, delicious seafood and magnificent sunsets, and you will find your cycling experience in Galicia and the Costa Verde, where water was miraculously transformed into wine during Biblical times, nothing short of divine…

Another way to discover Europe
FOUR STOPOVER TOWNS: This style of travelling allows you to put down your suitcase for a while and take off at a relaxed pace. The fact that your route is looped around four stopover towns limits the number of times you move around and allows you to make the most of the places you visit. Enjoy!

Available in customized package only
Trip length: 15 days / 14 nights
Level of difficulty: 4/4+
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From day to day

Short route: 275 km • Long route: 1081 km

Day 1: Arrival in Porto and transfer to Santiago de Compostela (2.5 hrs).
Day 2: Free day or looped route via Sobrín, Quintás, Empalme de Vilar, Espiñeira, Fonte Díaz, Brandoés, Camporrapado (41 to 70 km).
Day 3: Free day or looped route via Correxins, Roxos, Ventosa, Brion, A Calle, Algueidón, Bertamiráns, Ortno, Carrais, Quintáns (48 to 72 km).
Day 4: Free day or looped route via Codeselas, Bembribe, A Brea, Lestrobe, Miramontes, Pontepedra, Tablilla, Trazo (53 or 84 km).
Day 5: Santiago de Compostela, Outeiro, Espasande, Cimadevila, Ramiráns, Couselo, Cuntis, Santa Lucia de Moraña, Paranos, Pontevedra (76 km).
Day 6: Free day or looped route via Lourido, Poio, Combarro, Sanxenxo, Seixinos, Barrantes, Ponte Nova, Piñeiro, Casal Novo, Illa de Sálvora, Illa da Toxa (72 to 105 km).
Day 7: Free day or looped route via Sobral, Lameiro, Cutián, Famelga, Ponte Caldelas. Boucle via Parada, Fondos, Cerdedo, Peleteiros (66 or 86 km).
Day 8: Free day or looped route via O Xistro, Pardavila, Moaña, Palmás, O Latón, A Xesteira, O Sobreiro (42 or 73 km).
Day 9: Pontevedra, Redondela, O Porriño, Bouzón, Tui, O Seixo, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Caminha, Portinho, Carreço, Viana do Castelo (112 km).
Day 10: Free day or looped route via Cortegaça, Chão, Laje Paraiso, Vitorino dos Piães, Roriz, Corujo, Durrães, Xisto, Vila Fria (65 or 85 km).
Day 11: Free day or looped route via Santa Maria de Portuzelo, Refóios do Lima, Ponte da Barca, Bravães, Gandra, Ponte do Lima, Doão (54 or 93 km).
Day 12: Journée libre ou boucle via Outeiro, Cancela, Arga de Baixo, Moreira do Lima, Bertiandos, Arcos, Lanheses, Souto (55 or 80 km).
Day 13: Viana do Castelo, Castelo do Neiva, Mereces, Perelhal, Vila Frescainha, Rua Nova, Barros, Malta, Maia, Porto (87 km).
Day 14: Free day or looped route via  Freixieiro, São Matinho de Arnelas, Olival,  Valado, Espinho, Lavadores (58 km).
Day 15: Transfer to Porto airport and flight back to Montreal.

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