Massif Central

The beauty of the Massif central, the archetype of old rural France where men wear berets and women wear aprons, is little known by tourists. And this peaceful hamlet sits atop Europe’s most extensive volcanic formation, dormant and beautifully green. The magnitude of this spectacular landscape, which can be quite challenging for cyclists, is awe-inspiring: from the Cantal Massif to the Chaîne des Puys, by way of the Sancy Massif and the Livradois-Forez Regional Park, with its ancient forests, mountains and pastures.  The Massif central is also famous for its mineral and thermal springs, like those in Vichy and Volvic, a rich Roman heritage and excellent cheeses. The ideal destination for diehard cyclists who appreciate culture and good cuisine.

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Trip length: 15 days / 14 nights
Level of difficulty: 5
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From day to day

Short route: 849 km • • Long route: 1300 km

Day 1 - Arrival in Lyon and transfer to Issoire.
Day 2 - Looped route via Solignat, Antoingt, Saint-Germain-Lembron, Ardes, Saurier (59 or 82 km).
Day 3 - Issoire, Parentagnat, Sauxillanges, Vernet-la-Varenne, Col de la Dételée, Saint-Germain-l'Herm, Saint-Bonnet-le-Chastet, Arlanc, Ambert, Col des Pradeaux, Saint-Anthème (104 to 112 km).
Day 4 - Saint-Anthème, Col des Supeyres, Valcivières, Job, Le Brugeron, La Chamba, Vollore-Montagne, Col du Pertuis, Col du Frissonnet, Sainte-Agathe, Thiers (110 km).
Day 5 - Thiers, Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle, Palladuc, Col de la Plantade, La Guillermie, Châteldon, Busset, Le Vernet, Vichy (78 km).
Day 6 - Free day or looped route via Cusset, Châtel-Montagne, Mayet de Montagne, Laprugne, Col du Beau Louis, Ferrières-sur-Sichon, Cusset (58, 89 or 112 km).
Day 7 - Vichy, Charroux, Ébreuil, Pont de Ménat, Liseuil, Châteauneuf-les-Bains, Châtelguyon, Riom, Clermont-Ferrand (116 km).
Day 8 - Free day or looped route via Volvic, Châtelguyon, Loubeyrat, Rochepradière, Le Grand Chambois, Ceyssat, Royat (45, 75 or 115 km).
Day 9 - Clermont-Ferrand, Royat, Col de Ceyssat, Col de la Moreno, Saint-Gênes-Champanelle, Veyreras, Vernines, Rochefort-Montagne, Mont Dore (85 or 93 km).
Day 10 - Free day or looped route via le Col de la Croix-Saint-Robert, Besse, Murol, Col de la Croix-Morand (55 km). Long option via Murat-le Quaire, Banne d'Ordanche, La Bourboule, Col de Vendeix, Chastreix (15 km).
Day 11 - Mont-Dore, La Tour-d'Auvergne, Saint-Genès-Chapespe, Lestiouille, Coidre, Condat, Riom-les-Montagnes, Col de Besseyre, Trizac, Anglards-de-Salers, Salers (138 km).
Day 12 - Salers, Col de la Néronne, Col du Pas de Peyrol, Dienne, Col d'Entremont, Murat, Alberpierre, Col de Prat de Bouc, Cézens, Cussac, Alleuzet, Saint-Flour (86 km). Looped route via Fontagne, Saint-George, Tournemire, Saint-Martin (53 km).
Day 13 - Saint-Flour, Villedieu, Alleuze, Grandval, Viaduc du Garabit, Ruynes-en-Margeride, Paulhac, Pompeyrin, Saugues, Monistrol-d'Allier, Saint-Prévat-d'Allier, Les Bains, Puy-en-Velay (132 km).
Day 14 - Free day or looped route (30 km). Transfer to Lyon.
Day 15 - Transfer to Lyon airport and flight back to Montréal.

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