Vélo Tout confort

Ready, set, go!

Already a strong cyclist but want to get even better? The Vélo Mag training camp can help you test your limits and push through them. This involves combining early mornings, discipline, and technical and physical training with the pleasures of a magical setting. Experience genuine team spirit and improve your cycling under the efficient and empathetic guidance of a dedicated trainer. A great opportunity to go all out and learn how to excel. Ready, set, go!

Ride with Yannick Cojan
Canadian champion several times over (road and track) and a very friendly cycling enthusiast, he will be more than pleased to share his vast experience as a racer and trainer with you.


  • Must be physically fit (minimum of 6 hours of training per week).
  • Able to maintain an average minimum speed of 28 km/h for at least two hours.
  • Must have cycled more than 2,000 km over the last cycling season, including at least three consecutive 60-km days.
  • Cycle regularly as part of a group or pack.
  • Use a road or touring bicycle.
A typical day
  • Depending on the particular camp, on-road training sessions from 50 to 130 km long.
  • Short theoretical and practical workshops (evaluation of your cycling technique; advice on how to prepare for an outing; how to position yourself on your bicycle; techniques for climbs and descents; how to replenish your energy mid-ride; how to cycle as a member of a pack or how to be a more effective pack cyclist).