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John Fleming

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My life is a journey - I explore, I discover people and their languages, I marvel at meeting unknown people who become friends if we have the chance to exchange and share. I've always cycled as part of my daily commute, as part of a group or as a touring cyclist. Becoming a guide? It's a job that brings out the best in me, and always challenges me to create the best possible experience, according to the potential and expectations of the group I'm accompanying.

Leaving the ferry at the port of Santorini, Greece, the group has to pedal up the laces that wind their way up the cliff. The strongest reach the lookout at the top and shout encouragement to the cyclists below. This creates a levitation effect, and everyone achieves the impossible without setting foot on the ground. Everyone, even the weakest cyclists, knows the achievement of success they thought impossible from the moment they left the harbour.
- John Fleming