Our team is made up of consultants who are passionate about cycling trips and who are there to help you with the booking and planning process of your trip.

Andrée Gervais, General Manager

Nathalie Lauzon, Vice President, Operations

Jocelyn Charbonneau, Director of Operations

Michael Karger, Administrative Coordinator

Nathalie Lemaire, Senior Travel and Customer Service Advisor

Sarah Simounet, Administrative and Customer Service Officer

Jean-François Pelletier, coordinator, routes and maps

Annie Paquet, Coordinator, Hospitality and Logistics

Catherine Rey-Lescure, Coordinator, Hospitality and Logistics

Geneviève Paradis, travel consultant

Aurélien Lejeune, travel consultant

Tanya Hall Moreau, Logistics Coordinator, Travel Products

Marylin Surprenant, Accountant