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Jacob Racine

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I graduated from Cégep St-Laurent in 2003 with a degree in adventure tourism. I share my life between my three passions: my family, guiding and adventures in the Great North. I have the pleasure of living in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Gaspé Peninsula, of traveling to the most incredible corners of Europe and of having crossed paths with polar bears. I love people and this is what I like most about being a guide. Sharing, exchanging and learning from each other about the places and culture of the different places we visit. Cycling and skiing are for me the two most beautiful ways to travel and discover a region, because they allow us to live the adventure at the height of men, at a pace that facilitates meetings and exchanges.

The earth teaches us more about ourselves than all the books. Because it resists us. Man discovers himself when he measures himself against the obstacle.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry