Boxing your bicycle

Boxing your bicycle - Vélo Québec Voyages
Going on a bike trip and need help preparing your bike for air travel? Here are our tips for packing your bike!

Material needed

A box with maximum dimensions of 60" X 32" X 8"; Allen wrenches; pedal wrench; scissors; tape; tie wraps; spacer; Styrofoam plumbing sleeves to protect the tubes.

Box selection and disassembly

The box shown below - usually available from bike shops - is smaller than the maximum size accepted by airlines. It requires the removal of the handlebars, as shown in step 3.

Using a maximum size box - sold at the Cyclists' House - you simply turn the handlebars.

If you are traveling on a tandem, with a quetzal or any other atypical bicycle, or if you are traveling with a box or a rigid bag, please inform us.

How to proceed

1 Leave enough pressure in the tires to prevent them from crushing under the weight of the bike (± 60 lbs).
Position the chain on the large sprocket and chainring so that you have maximum tension in the chain.

2 Mark the height of the saddle and the position of the handlebars.
Remove the seat post.

3 Remove the handlebars by unscrewing the front plate of the stem, remove the handlebars and attach them to the horizontal tube. Be careful not to damage the sheaths or the cyclometer wire. Rotate the fork 90 degrees. Attach a spacer between the fork legs. Unscrew the pedals. Remember that the threads are reversed on the left pedal, so unscrew clockwise. Once the pedals are removed, put them in a bag and attach them to the frame.

N. B. If you have a full size bicycle box, it is not necessary to remove the handlebars. Just turn them and rotate the fork 90 degrees.

4 Remove the quick release from the front wheel. Attach the wheel to the left side of the bike. Slide the bike into the box, including the saddle, pedals, and all accessories to be attached to the frame. Use Styrofoam plumbing sleeves to protect the tubes. The box should not contain any loose objects (pump or lock) unless they are securely attached to the frame. Loose objects can pierce the box during handling and you may lose these objects.

5 Identify your bicycle box: enter your contact information.

Reprinted from Vélo Mag magazine.
Equipment column, spring 2007. Author : Mathieu Fagnan


Is the bike box for air transport provided?

The cost of transporting your bike is included in the price of our VQV travel packages, but the box for transporting the bike is not included.

However, you can buy them at the Maison des Cyclistes (where our agency is located) or in any other bike store.

Where can I get a cardboard box to transport my bike?

They can be purchased at the Maison des Cyclistes in Montreal or at any bike store.

We advise you to call them for information, and especially not to wait to buy them at the airport, which could delay your departure. It is important that your bike is already packed before you get there.

What happens to my bike box once I arrive at my destination?

Depending on the trip and the itinerary, we may leave the boxes in the hotel or the guide may carry them in his car throughout the trip. In any case, your bike box will be at your disposal at the end of your trip whether it is in cardboard or not.