Customize your trip

You've found your dream cycling destination, but you want to go one step further by customizing your trip? It's possible!

Contact our consultants today to learn more about the customization options available to you.

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Trip extension

Additional accommodation days

Want to extend your vacation? Let us know your needs for combining certain itineraries, flight changes (delayed departure or return), hotel reservations or car rentals.

See the general conditions for booking additional services.

Travel insurance

Leave with peace of mind

For peace of mind, you should always have travel insurance (trip cancellation or interruption and medical care) when you travel outside Quebec or outside your place of residence.

If you are insured through your credit card, your group insurance at work or any other personal insurance, it is your responsibility to check the insurance contracts you hold and, if necessary, to take out additional insurance to protect yourself adequately.

Travel insurance can be obtained at the time of booking: do not hesitate to contact Vélo Québec Voyages' advisors to find out more about our partners Blue Cross or Manulife.

Air Transat Upgrade

Switch to Club Transat

Would you like a seat in Club Transat class for your Guided travel package, including airfare?
All our group spaces on Air Transat are in economy class. It is possible to change the class for an additional fee.

Full payment for each of these services is required at the time of application.
All airline add-on services are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental

Are you looking for a classic cycling experience, where the effort and satisfaction of riding unaided is the key? Are you heading to the Alps or the Costa Brava for a cycling challenge? Choose the road bicycle! The rental road bicycles offered on our trips are quality frames, equipped with robust equipment that will allow you to concentrate on the road.

See the general conditions for booking additional services.

Hybrid bicycle rental

You want a bicycle without electric assistance, but that offers you more comfort and versatility than a road bicycle during your trip? Opt for the high-performance hybrid bicycle! More flexible than a road bicycle, this type of bicycle will allow you to tackle all kinds of roads and bike paths during your trip, with unparalleled comfort and adaptability.

See the general conditions for booking additional services.

Electrically assisted bicycle rental

For you, the most important thing is to be able to enjoy every kilometer, without too much effort? The electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) is for you! With the EAB, you push the limits of what is possible thanks to a pedal-assist mechanism that reduces even the biggest mountain passes to routes that are accessible to everyone. But beware! It is not an electric scooter, however, and you must pedal constantly to benefit from the electric assistance.

See the general conditions for booking additional services.

What accessories are provided with the bike rental?

  • Available accessories vary from supplier to supplier. Remember to ask which ones are available to a consultant when you make your reservation so you know what to bring with you.
  • Fees will apply for accessory requests not included in the basic reservation.

Do I need to bring my helmet if I rent a bike?

It is always best to bring your own helmet for comfort and hygiene. Also, there is no guarantee that the helmet will fit perfectly on your head.

Do I need to bring my phone holder if I rent a bike?

The phone holder is not provided with the rental. Remember to bring it with you.

Will the rental bike be equipped with specific pedals (Shimano SPD-SL / PD etc.)?

Most rental bikes come with flat pedals. Bringing your own pedals can provide you with a better comfort level as well as a better fit for your shoes.

Purchase of the land portion

Book only the land portion with us

It is possible to book only the land portion of a trip and arrange your own air transportation. A consultant will let you know if the trip is confirmed before you book your air transportation.

You will be responsible for joining the group by your own means, with your bicycle and luggage, at the airport or at the first hotel of the tour.

The purchase of the land portion of a package excludes the air transportation of the passenger and his/her bicycle.


Pairing single occupancy travelers

People traveling alone can be paired with a person of the same sex. It is also possible, for an additional charge, to travel in single occupancy.

Consult the general conditions of reservation for Twinning.