Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental - Vélo Québec Voyages

If, for reasons of logistics, transportation or simply ease of travel, you wish to leave without a bike, we offer several types of bike rentals for some of our trips. Click on the icon for the destination of your choice to see the rental offers for your route.

Depending on the destination, and the difficulty of the route of your choice, you can choose the following types of bicycles:

  •      Road bicycle
  •      High performance hybrid bicycle
  •      E-bike

How to choose your rental bicycle?

That's it! You have decided to leave with Vélo Québec Voyages, and you must now choose the type of rental bicycle that will suit your cycling trip. Here is some information that will help you in your choice.

Traditional road bicycle

Are you looking for a classic cycling experience, where the effort and satisfaction of riding unaided is the key? Are you heading to the Alps or the Costa Brava for a cycling challenge? Choose the road bicycle! The rental road bicycles offered on our trips are quality frames, equipped with robust equipment that will allow you to concentrate on the road.

High performance hybrid bicycle

You want a bicycle without electric assistance, but that offers you more comfort and versatility than a road bicycle during your trip? Opt for the high-performance hybrid bicycle! More flexible than a road bicycle, this type of bicycle will allow you to tackle all kinds of roads and bike paths during your trip, with unparalleled comfort and adaptability.


For you, the most important thing is to be able to enjoy every kilometer, without too much effort? The electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) is for you! With the EAB, you push the limits of what is possible thanks to a pedal-assist mechanism that reduces even the biggest mountain passes to routes that are accessible to everyone. But beware! It is not an electric scooter, however, and you must pedal constantly to benefit from the electric assistance.

Don't hesitate to ask our advisors for help if you need more information on the bicycles available for rent in your destination.