Traveler's guide with air transportation

Guided Package

Table of contents

Travel documents

Two to three weeks before your departure, you will receive the following documents by e-mail:

  • Airline ticket(s) (if purchased with Vélo Québec Voyages);
  • The coordinates of the hotels where you will stay.

24 to 48 hours before your departure, you will receive the following documents by email:

  • GPX data for your route, detailed route and download procedure;
  • The name and phone number of your guide, in case of emergency.

At your destination, your guide will give you the following documents:
If you have purchased only the land portion of the trip, these documents will be given to you on your first day at destination.

  • The cards;
  • The VQV luggage identification label.

Please note that upon your return, a survey will be sent to you by email.

Meeting places (packages with land portion only)

If you have purchased only the land portion of a package, you will be able to join the Vélo Québec Voyages group at the airport or at the first hotel of the tour. We ask that you indicate your preference in the "Traveler Registration" form.

Please note: If your meeting place is at the airport, it is your responsibility to check the group's flight times and to make sure that you join them at the scheduled time. In the event of a setback, you will have to meet the group at the hotel on your own. You are also responsible for your own transportation to and from the airport if your itinerary differs from that of the group.

Travel insurance

The content of this section is provided for information purposes only. It is the responsibility of each traveler to have adequate travel insurance according to their place of residence and the country visited. In order to better assist you during your trip, we ask you to fill out the " Traveler's Registration " form.

Please note that we offer you the possibility of purchasing coverage through the services of our travel insurance partner, Blue Cross. Contact us for more information.

Trip cancellation or interruption and medical insurance

For peace of mind, every traveller should always have travel insurance. It is important to check the insurance contracts you have and, if necessary, to take out additional insurance to protect yourself adequately.

Credit card or personal insurance coverage
If your trip is insured through your credit card or other personal insurance, check to see if it meets your needs. Does it include coverage for medical care and hospitalization abroad? Does it include cancellation insurance to cover all non-refundable prepaid travel expenses and trip interruption insurance? Does it include coverage for lost or stolen luggage? After analyzing the situation, you will be able to determine whether or not you should purchase additional insurance.

Coverage offered by the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ)
Visit to find out more about the health insurance coverage that covers all Quebecers when traveling within or outside Quebec.

Since the cost of health services outside Quebec is usually higher, it is essential to have private travel insurance that covers, in whole or in part, the costs that the Régie does not reimburse.

Insurance covering breakage, theft or loss of luggage and bicycle

Vélo Québec Voyages assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to your luggage and personal effects (including your bicycle) during your trip. It is your responsibility to have adequate insurance for your luggage and bicycle. Many home insurance companies, some group insurance plans and some credit cards cover property damaged or stolen outside the home. Check with the appropriate authorities.

In addition, if you have taken out Blue Cross insurance with us, you can read about the conditions of the baggage coverage in the "Policyholder's Guide".

Luggage preparation and checklist

At your destination, Vélo Québec Voyages will transport your luggage from one hotel to another for the duration of your trip. We remind you of the importance of identifying your luggage in order to ensure its transfer. We accept only one piece of luggage per person, and its weight must not exceed 20 kilos.

We reserve the right to refuse to carry any baggage exceeding the 20 kilo weight limit, both at the beginning and during the trip.

Boxing your bicycle

You must place your bike in a transport box before going to the airport for check-in. Please note that it is not possible to purchase a bike box at the airport. Only the bike and its accessories (helmet, lock, water bottle, cycling shoes) should be placed in the transport box. Airlines reserve the right to open the box at check-in to verify its contents. All contents other than the bike and its accessories are forbidden (clothing, food, etc.).

We prefer cardboard boxes and semi-rigid boxes (rather than rigid boxes and bags). Since these boxes will be carried throughout the trip, and in anticipation of the return flight, this type of packaging will allow us to manage the space inside our truck more efficiently. In the event of a surplus of boxes or rigid bags, we will have to drop them off at the first hotel upon arrival at our destination. On a linear trip, they will be shipped from point A to point B.

  • If you are traveling on a tandem, with a quetzal or any other atypical bicycle, or if you are traveling with a rigid box or bag, please indicate this on the "Traveler Registration" form.

Important note on the weight of the bicycle box: Vélo Québec Voyages limits the weight of the box, including the bicycle, to 23 kg, even if the limit allowed by the air carrier differs from ours. Please note that any excess weight over the limit allowed by the air carrier is at the traveler's expense. For more information, consult the website of the carrier you are travelling with.

Air Transportation | General Information

Passport and plane ticket

Your airline ticket is issued based on the information on your invoice.

  • If the name on your invoice is not the same as the name on your passport, contact us now so that we can make the necessary changes. There is a fee for issuing a new ticket.
  • A word of advice: photocopy your passport and your plane ticket, and avoid keeping both documents and their copies in the same place. If you ever lose your passport, you'll be glad you took this precaution.
  • For more information on passports and entry requirements for different countries, check the current information on the Government of Canada website.

Check-in at Montreal-Trudeau airport on the day of departure

  • You must present yourself at the check-in counter of the airline you are traveling with 3 hours before the departure time indicated on your airline ticket. It is your responsibility to check flight times within 24 hours prior to departure.
  • When you check in, specify that you are part of the Vélo Québec Voyages group. Before leaving your luggage and your bicycle box (if applicable), make sure you have identified them properly. For all details regarding the boarding procedures for your bicycle, please consult the specific information of your airline.

Air Transportation | Air Transat

Bicycle boarding procedures

You must check in your bicycle at the same time as your luggage, on the day of departure, at the Air Transat counter.

Advance seat selection

It is possible to select your seat when you purchase your package. You must let us know so that we can send your information to Air Transat and provide you with your group file number. You can then contact the Air Transat Information and Seat Selection Centre(1-877-872-6728). Please note that charges apply to this service, payable by credit card only. When you call, please have ready: your file number, the date and number of your departure and return flights, the place of departure and destination, and your credit card.

Option Plus Reservation

Air Transat offers youOption Plus, an Economy Class service option that provides a host of privileges and priority services. For more information and to book Option Plus, call the Air Transat Information and Seat Selection Centre.

Information and seat selection center: 1-877-872-6728 or 514-636-3630

Club Class reservation.

Please contact us if you wish to travel in "Club Class" with Air Transat. These seats are available on request and in limited quantities, at an additional cost. Once your "Club Class" seat is confirmed, you can select it in advance and for a fee, either online or by calling Air Transat's Seat Selection and Information Centre. The terms and conditions of this complementary service differ from those of your trip. Contact one of our consultants for more information.

Air Transportation | Air Canada and other air carriers

Bicycle boarding procedures

You must check in your bicycle at the same time as your luggage, on the day of departure, at the airline counter. The payment terms for the transportation of your bicycle will be settled at the check-in counter. This information will be given to you when you book your package.

Advance seat selection

It is not possible to select a seat in advance. Your seat will be assigned to you when you check in at the airport.


It is possible to obtain an upgrade for an additional fee. Ask our consultants for more information.

Course of the stay

A typical day with Vélo Québec Voyages

  • You have breakfast at your hotel, (between 7:30 and 9:30).
  • Your guide will review the day and the route with you.
  • You leave the hotel before 10 am, leaving your luggage at the luggage truck.
  • You take the road at the time and pace that suits you. You have in hand the detailed maps and itinerary of the route, including the towns and villages on the program.
  • You take your lunch where and when you want. For some destinations, when a "lunch box" is included, it is given to you in the morning, at the time of departure, hence the interest of having a bag.
  • On arrival at the stopover town, your luggage will be waiting for you at the hotel, where rooms are usually available between 3 and 4 pm.
  • The dinners included in the package are taken at the hotel or in a nearby restaurant. They include a starter, main course and dessert. Drinks, alcoholic or not, are not included.

Hotel stay schedule

You share your room with the person who accompanies you. If you are traveling alone, we will match you with a person of the same gender. Depending on the city and the number of participants in the trip, the group may stay in one or two hotels.

When you leave the hotel, we ask you to return your key to the reception and to pay, if necessary, the bill for the products and services purchased at the hotel (e.g. telephone calls, minibar).

If you do not plan to sleep at the hotel on certain nights of your trip, please always inform the guide, so as not to worry anyone.

Please note that in Europe, rooms are generally smaller than in North America.

What about your bicycle? It will stay overnight in your room or in a safe place provided for that purpose. We recommend that you lock it at all times.

In case of a mechanical problem on the course

We recommend that you have a complete tune-up of your bicycle before you leave. A bicycle in good condition is the first guarantee of a successful trip.

For small problems (adjustment, flat tire, etc.), the guide will be able to help you out and get you back on the road when he passes by. At any time, you can reach them by phone, so that they can help you out or drive you to the nearest bicycle store in case of a major breakdown.

That said, nothing beats self-sufficiency if you want to get back on the road in a few minutes! For a list of basic parts and tools to pack, see the "Packing and Checklist ↑" section.

In case of fatigue or discomfort on the course

If you are unable to complete your day, due to fatigue, illness or a major mechanical problem, the support vehicle will drive you and your bicycle to the next stopover city.

Role of the guide during the trip

Vélo Québec Voyages's professionnal guide is your contact person during your entire trip. Whether you have questions or need advice on the proposed itineraries, hotels, meal planning, transportation of your luggage, mechanical needs, supervision on the road, etc., your guide is Vélo Québec Voyages' representative on the ground. They will listen to your needs and expectations.

Use of GPS and GPX data

At the time of your reservation, you will have received the procedure to transfer the GPX data into your GPS as well as two days of data allowing you to test everything. Note that the complete GPX data of your trip will be sent to you by email 24 to 48 hours before your departure.


The contents of this section are provided for your information only.

It is the responsibility of each traveler to obtain all the required documents for their trip depending on the destination. If you are not a Canadian citizen, it is your responsibility to check with the Consulate General of the country you are visiting to find out about entry formalities.


Regardless of the destination, a passport remains the best form of identification for travel. It is mandatory for all Canadians travelling by air outside of Canada.

It is important to check the expiry date of your passport as soon as you book your trip, since some countries require that it be valid for up to 6 months beyond the planned return date. Since each country has its own requirements as to the length of validity of the passport, it is to your advantage to inquire about the standards in effect at the embassy or consulate of the country you will be visiting.


Some countries require, in addition to a passport, that you have a transit visa or a tourist visa depending on whether you are traveling through the country or staying there. Generally, visas must be issued before your departure and not once you arrive at your destination.

To find out if you need a visa, consult the embassy or consulate of the countries you will be visiting.


Before you leave on your trip, it would be wise to get some local currency to get by for the first few days.

Ask your financial institution about the automated teller machine (ATM) services available in the country you will be visiting. Your institution can also tell you if you need a new personal identification number (PIN) to access your account when you are abroad. Major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted almost everywhere.

Because of the risk of fraud, it is now strongly recommended that you have a PIN for your credit card.


Restaurants, bars and cabs
For all our trips, gratuities are included in the group meals included in your package; however, wine service is at your discretion.

In restaurants, bars and cabs, each destination has its own tipping customs. Ask your guide for more information on usual tipping practices at your destination.

Guides and driver
Gratuities for guides and, where applicable, drivers are not included in the package price. Although the amount of the tip is left to the traveler's discretion, it is customary to leave one. Generally, $5 to $10 per person per day is paid to the Vélo Québec Voyages guide, who performs all the functions inherent in the tour: transporting luggage from one hotel to another, supervision (mechanical and medical), itinerary, accommodation, meal planning, and so on.

For trips where you are also accompanied by a local guide and a driver for bus transfers within the route, it is suggested to divide the tip between the different participants.


Information about your destination and health precautions can be found on the websites listed below. If vaccinations are required, a travel health clinic will advise you on the matter.


If you plan to make several local calls during your stay, it would be appropriate to purchase a calling card. Be careful, calls made from your hotel room can be very expensive.

If you want to bring your cell phone to your destination, ask your provider about the different plans available or consider purchasing a local SIM card in the country you will be traveling to.


In general, most European destinations use 220 volts. In Cuba, the electrical voltage is usually 110 volts, sometimes 220 volts.

The electrical voltage used in Canada is 120 volts, so the standard Canadian plugs are not compatible. In order to protect your electrical appliances, remember to bring an adapter and a converter.

Check this site for the electrical voltage in most countries.

Time difference

Check this site for local times and time differences.

Practical advice before leaving

Vélo Québec Voyages has put together a number of travel-related resources in line with the current situation.